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Industrial Lighting



To make the lighting special, we first commit to understand the space.

Lighting is one of the most critical factor for an industrial space. The ACON LED Highbay & Midbay Luminaries are designed for high-performance, energy efficient and long lasting large-area LED lighting which enhances maximum energy saving and at the same time delivers maximum light output.

The ACON LED Industrial Highbay & Midbay Fixtures consume nearly half the energy as compared to other LED Fixtures and deliver not just cool white light but clean white light with outstanding visibility.

ACON Low Bay Light Fixtures are ideal for general purpose table lighting in areas such as warehouse facilities, assembly areas, gyms, hangars, transportation garages, loading and staging areas.

Conserve energy up to 90% with zero maintenance cost.

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Lamp* Substitute for Energy Saving Rated Life Hours
10W LED HB 36W / 70W 82% / 88% 107,000
20W LED HB 70W 76% 107,000
30W LED HB 150W 83% 107,000
45W LED HB 150W 75% 107,000
60W LED HB 250W 80% 107,000
60WX2 LED HB 400W 75% 107,000
*Standard wattages. Customized wattages also available. Kindly contact Factory.
  • Features
    • Up to 90% Energy Saving
      Highly Energy Efficient
    • Specially matched Composite lens for LEDs
      Optimum Spread & focus of Light
    • Covers a vast area
      Few Fixtures required
    • Over 107,000 hours of optimal operational life
      Long Life, No Maintenance
    • No Mercury or other Heavy Metals
      Eco-Friendly Luminaire
    • Great Visual Efficiency
      Best Clarity & Precision
    • Long Life Guaranteed
      Zero Maintenance
  • Technical Specifications
    • Parameter ACON Industrial LED Advantages
      Operating Voltage 230 VAC, 50 Hz  
      Total Circuit Power 10W – 120W Highly Energy Efficient
      LEDs American/European Power LEDs More Light & Life
      LED Driver circuit  Constant current type Long Life of LEDs
      Durable Voltage Range 100-280 VAC Most Durable
      Constant Current driver efficiency 90% Highly Efficient
      Casing Aluminum die cast body with toughened glass cover Efficient Heat Dissipation which leads to longer life of LEDs
      Photometry Axial pattern Powerful Light Throw in all directions
      Lens Suitable optics for Large Area Lighting
      Power factor > 0.98 As per Indian & International Standards
      Harmonics (THD) < 10 %  As per Indian & International Standards
      Life > 107,000 Hours Long Life, No Maintenance
  • Application
    • Heavy Engineering Industries
    • Godowns
    • Malls, Hypermarkets & Superstores
    • Railway Yards
    • Factories & Industries
    • Warehouses