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Presenting ACON LED Radiance for illuminating Hoardings, Sign Boards & Back Lits.

ACON LED Radiance Luminaries provide excellent uniform lighting without glary spots and with lesser number of fittings. ACON Radiance consumes nearly half energy as compared to other LED fixtures and delivers not just cool white light, but clean white light with outstanding visibility.

Conserve energy up to 90% with zero maintenance cost and protection against voltage fluctuations.

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Models Solution
35W-100W Radiance Customized
18W-35W Radiance
5W-18W Radiance
  • Features
    • Superior Lighting & Bright Clear Light
      Powerful Light Throw
    • Better Focus & Directivity
      Clean & Clear Uniform Light
    • Few Luminaries Required
      Lowest Energy Consumption
    • Eco-Friendly Luminaire
      No Mercury or other heavy metals
    • American / German Power LEDs
      High Productivity & Efficiency
    • Constant Current type LED Driver Circuit
      Better Heat Dissipation
    • Over 50000 hours of operational life
      Long Life, No maintenance
  • Technical Specifications
    • Parameter ACON LED RADIANCE Advantages
      Operating Voltage 230 VAC Most Durable
      Mains Frequency 50 Hz Most Durable
      Total Circuit Power 18W / 35W / 60W Highly Energy Efficient
      Ingress Protection Conforming to IP65 Toughened Glass Cover
      LEDs American/European Power LEDs More Light & Life
      LED Driver circuit  Constant current type Long Life of LEDs
      Durable Voltage Range 170 – 270 VAC Most Durable
      Constant Current driver efficiency >80% Highly Efficient
      Casing Aluminum Die Cast Efficient Heat Dissipation which leads to longer life of LEDs
      Degree 60 degree(max) x 120 degree(min) Best Uniformity along & across
      Power factor > 0.98 As per Indian & International Standards
      Harmonics (THD) < 15% As per Indian & International Standards
      Life > 50,000 Hours Long Life, No Maintenance
  • Application
    • Hoardings
    • Glow Signs
    • Back Lits
    • Advertising Boards
    • Display Boards
    • Billboards & Wallwashers