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LED DownlightersLED DownlightersLED DownlightersLED Downlighters
LED DownlightersLED DownlightersLED DownlightersLED Downlighters
LED DownlightersLED Downlighters

LED downlights have become one of the most popular methods of lighting in recent years. Installation is relatively simple and the LED lights themselves have various benefits. It provides key advantages over conventional lighting technologies because of its high efficiency and lowest energy consumption.

ACON LED downlighters are a nice way to improve the aesthetic value of a place by offering a variety of choice and style along with providing value for money. The technology being completely eco-friendly, there are no harmful emissions.

The vast array of ACON LED downlighters are set to revolutionize the future of interior design. The classic and compact design of downlighters perfectly suits every style of modern interiors.

ACON 3W LED Recessed Light LRL 3W1
ACON 6W LED Recessed Light LRL 3W2-1
ACON 12W LED Recessed Light LRL 3W3-2
ACON 18W LED Recessed Light LRL 3W3-3
  • Features
    • Long Operational Life > 70000 Hours
      Long Life, No Maintenance
    • Lowest Energy Consumption
      Highest Energy Saving
    • Eco-Friendly Lighting
      Zero Maintenance
    • Superior Lighting & Stunning Aesthetics
      Highest Light output – 2 times more light
    • American / German Power LEDs
      High Productivity & Efficiency
    • Better focus & directivity
      Great Visual Efficiency
  • Application
    • ACON LED Downlighters are ideal for Residences, Shops, Show rooms, Offices, Hotels, Restaurants, Lobbies & Passage Areas.