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LED Solar Street Light

Led Radiance

In these times of heightened environmental awareness, Electric Street lighting such as Sodium & Mercury Vapour Bulbs or Metal Halides, are rightly regarded as an enormous consumers of electricity, at a vast financial and environmental cost.

ACON Solar Street Lights can deliver that much-desired outcome and offer an exceptional lighting program and at the same time, produce considerable economic and environmental savings.

ACON Solar Street Lights can be used not only on streets, boulevards and highways but can also provide cost-effective, environmentally friendly lighting for both military and civilian security installations; park areas or parking spaces; airports, docks and similar areas or, indeed, for whole communities.

Model System Voltage Number of Days of Autonomy Photometry

6W Solar SL
9W Solar SL
12W Solar SL
18W Solar SL
35W Solar SL

12V DC 2-3 Days Batwing Lux Pattern
  • Features
    • Superior Lighting & Bright Clear Light
      Powerful Light Throw
    • Better Focus & Directivity
      Clean & Clear Uniform Light
    • High Reliability & Durability
      Fit & Forget Device
    • Eco-Friendly Luminaire
      No Mercury or other heavy metals
    • American / German Power LEDs
      High Productivity & Efficiency
  • Technical Specifications
    • General
      Application / Use Street Lighting : Outdoor
      Lamp Wattage 6W / 9W / 12W / 18W / 35W
      Lamp Type High Efficiency & Long Life White LEDs
      LED Driver Constant Current Type
      Casing IP65 Aluminum die cast body for direct dissipation of heat from LED through MPCB through body to ambience
      Circuit Efficiency > 85 %
      LED Lamp Life 50000 Hours
      Lumens 100-130 Lumens per Watt
      Number of Days of Autonomy 2-3 Days
      System Voltage 12V DC
      Photometry Batwing lux pattern (As per Application) for long pole span to reduce capital cost
      Module Type Mono / Poly Crystalline Silicon
      Module Power 24Wp / 36Wp / 48Wp/76Wp/120Wp
      Type VRLA (SMF Lead Acid)
      Battery Capacity 26Ah (VRLA) / 42Ah (VRLA) / 65Ah (VRLA)
      Low Cut Off Battery 10.8V
      Reconnect Of Battery to Load After Charging 11.5V
      Charge Controller Type Three Step PWM for fast charging and long life of battery With necessary protection features like reverse battery, etc.
      Charger Indicator Green LED
      Low Battery Indicator Red LED
      Fixing Pole Mounting
      Material & Finish MS cold Rolled Sheet, Powder Coated
      Mounting Type Pole Mounting
      Material & Finish MS cold Rolled Sheet, Powder Coated
      Pole Height 4/5/ 7 /9 meters
      Installation Mounting Bracket for Quick & Easy Installation
  • Application
    • City Roads
    • Junctions
    • Parks & Gardens
    • Airports
    • Docks
    • Parking spaces